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Life Coaching Windsor

There are two areas my practice focuses on – both Personal Development and Professional Coaching.
So you have a better understanding of exactly what Coaching is, allow me to explain.
Life Coaching is a powerful tool that assists you in becoming your best self. We all have the ability to continually create a better version of our self, but sometimes in life, we get stuck in a bit of a rut and wonder how did I get here and how do I get out!
However, Coaching is not merely a technique that is applied when things go wrong. Coaching is also highly beneficial when things are going well in life and we want to remain at the top of our game.
Personal and Business Coaching unlocks your potential so you maximize every opportunity to create meaningful change in your life, career or business.

How does it work?
– Initially I will ask a series of questions so we can effectively scope the nature of your Coaching needs. This will also help you develop an understanding for your current thoughts, your boundaries and your dreams. We then work together in visualizing your goals, planning for your goals and putting your goals into action, with the end result – SUCCESS!!

What type of Coaching is best for you?

– Business Coaching: Deep analysis of current business protocols and procedures so we can effectively strategize to maximise revenue streams, understand better the business talent pool and plan for future business evolvement.
– Financial Planning: Stream-lining of all finances and putting action plans and coaching mechanisms in place to manage existing finances and further evolve your revenue / income.
– Leadership Development: Develop existing talent and self-mastery of leaders so leaders can create better organisational and people engagement through systemic and innovative thinking.
– Career Planning: Applying career values and beliefs so we can develop an action plan to bridge any gaps in your current career/ role and the career/ role you want.
– Personal Coaching and Development: Together we establish who you really think you are and what you really want out of your life. We will remove self-imposed boundaries and I will coach you into putting action plans in place so you can remove any negative self-talk and lead a fuller more positive life.

Who is Coaching for?

– Anyone or any business that’s stuck in a rut or confused about a current situation and aren’t sure what/ how to change.
– Anyone who has trouble staying motivated or lacks structure in their every-day-life.
– Anyone who is unable to effectively visualize and action their dreams and goals.

How does it occur?

– Initial NO COST consultation.
– Sessions occur either at my home, the client’s home, the client’s workplace or walking sessions by the beach.
– Weekly sessions for a fixed period of time (which is situation and goal dependent).

So what are you waiting for? Call now for a no-cost consultation and let’s get Coaching the new you!